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Note that x plane manual pdf these criteria, instead of evaluating a pilot’s performance on a series of individual maneuvers, examiners must use scenarios that include as many tasks as practical. Examiners also must emphasize and evaluate the applicant’s ability to apply the principles of single-pilot resource management and aeronautical decision making. FD information, announced that it intended to restrict access to charts and data.

FD information hope to continue offering free online versions of the information. X-Plane runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. These are introductory articles for authors and general users. A few starting-points for creating scenery. An overview of what’s new in the global scenery. Tips on building airport layouts and submitting them for the next global scenery. These articles explain various aspects of the scenery system and are intended for authors creating scenery.

A mostly non-technical overview of the entire X-Plane scenery system. Details for programmers on how to build custom DSF meshes. A description of the overlay system and its uses. Customizing artwork with the X-Plane 8 Library. A semi-technical description of the new OBJ8 object format. A semi-technical description of the new scenery format.

A description of facade objects and their role in the new scenery system. You can also find PDF editions of some of the manuals below. This manual is also available in . These are detailed specifications of the various X-Plane specific file types used by the X-Plane scenery system. These documents describe the old X-Plane 7 scenery system, and are included for historical reference. The version 7 scenery packaging system.