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In a borax bead flame test, cobalt shows deep blue in both oxidizing and reducing flames. These halides exist in anhydrous and hydrated forms. Whereas the anhydrous dichloride is blue, the hydrate is red. The complex exists in the right- and left-handed forms of a “three-bladed propeller”.

This complex was first isolated by Werner as yellow-gold needle-like crystals. Cobaltocene is much more sensitive to oxidation than ferrocene. Co with a half-life of 271. Co with a half-life of 77. Co with a half-life of 70. 18 hours, and the majority of these are shorter than 1 second.

Early Chinese blue and white porcelain, manufactured c. Blue glass items from Egypt are colored with copper, iron, or cobalt. The source of that cobalt is unknown. 1735, showing it to be a previously unknown element, different from bismuth and other traditional metals.

Brandt called it a new “semi-metal. 1864, the mining of cobalt in Europe declined. 1914, the mining operations shifted again. 1978, the copper mines of Katanga Province nearly stopped production. The impact on the world cobalt economy from this conflict was smaller than expected: cobalt is a rare metal, the pigment is highly toxic, and the industry had already established effective ways for recycling cobalt materials. In some cases, industry was able to change to cobalt-free alternatives. The firm Calera Mining Company started production at the site.