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The black swan taleb cover. The author frequently shares anecdotes from his own life to web technologies black book pdf his theories.

The book’s first edition appeared in 2007 and was a commercial success. The second, expanded edition appeared in 2010. Taleb’s definition of a Black Swan event. Taleb contends that banks and trading firms are very vulnerable to hazardous Black Swan events and are exposed to losses beyond those that are predicted by their defective financial models.

It is Taleb’s questioning of why this occurs, and his explanations of it that drive the book forward. Taleb addresses science and business in the latter half of Part Two and Part Three. Part Four contains advice on how to approach the world in the face of uncertainty and still enjoy life. Taleb acknowledges a contradiction in the book.

I prefer to use stories and vignettes to illustrate our gullibility about stories and our preference for the dangerous compression of narratives. You need a story to displace a story. The author then elucidates his approach to historical analysis. One sees events go in and events go out, but one has no way of determining which produced what effect. The small publishing firm became a big corporation, and Yevgenia became famous.

This incident is described as a Black Swan event. Taleb goes on to admit that the so-called author is a work of fiction. Yevgenia rejects the distinction between fiction and nonfiction. She also hates the very idea of forcing things into well defined “categories”, holding that the world generally is complex and not easy to define. He uses them as guides to define how predictable the environment one’s studying is. Gaussian distribution should be used at one’s own peril.