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Kamleshwar’s first story, “Comrade”, was published in 1948. Vihan’, literary magazine in vikram betal stories in hindi pdf free download late 1950s.

Hindi magazine, ‘Sarika’, as its editor by bringing focus on new and emerging voices of modern India, an effort which reflected his encouragement to Marathi Dalit writers and Bohra Muslim litterateurs, thus opening new vistas for Hindi readers. Now, the trees have become used to growing in the shadows of tall concrete buildings. Kamleshwar became famous for his short stories, and some other works, which depicted the contemporary life in a vivid style of presentation. Ek Sadak Sattawan Galiyan, Laute Huye Musafir, Kaali Aandhi, Aagami Ateet, Registan and Kitne Pakistan, apart from 35 other literary works in different genres ranging from literary criticism, travelogue, memoirs, to socio-cultural commentary. I always used to tell him that I could write a complete short story on this one line only. 24 months, the entire nation was connected with television network.

Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The Times of India, 29 January 2007. The Tribune, 28 December 2003. Text in Devnagari script at abhivyakti-hindi.