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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Where appropriate, incorporate items into the main body of the article. Series also have the demons in an obtainable form or as an enemy. Feast of Chaos and have the chance to defeat some of them and do the quests for the others in the progress of the story. Once individuals prove their value in the dungeon, they earns the Djinn’s allegiance and powers. Demon Gods are the main antagonists and are fought throughout the game. A late part of the game reveals that they are part of a collective mind named Goetia.

Shura God known as Agares. Agares appears as a “vestige” with whom characters can make a pact in return for power. He is portrayed as both a crocodile and a hawk. Agares who can be fought as an enemy starting from Day 6. Later on, the same demon can be bought in the Devil Auction in order to recruit it into the party. It is the second-strongest demon in the ‘Fallen’ race. Ispen’s Castle, portrayed as a magician with control over a gargoyle.

Haborym” which is another name by which Aim is known. The character is a blind sword master. Alloces is stable-master for the arch-devils. He is a crafter and breeder of various warbeasts, almost all derived from damned souls and condemned devils he personally experiments and performs surgery upon. Goetic demon, there is a recruitable archer by the name of “Alocer”. He resembles a tall, dark-clad man with a horse’s head and attacks the player with powerful lightning bolts and dashes. The games also state that he’s one of the best musicians in Hell.

He is represented as a black horse with demon wings. Kindred Spirits” in an optional battle. Like all other Goetic demons found in the game, he takes the form of a Dark Kindred demon. His job class is Black Mage. She appears in the form of a woman with a single horn on the forehead and can be used as a summon.

Amduscias appears as a bipedal horse-man carrying a lance. He is the first enemy encountered in the game who can use an instant-death attack. Amdusias appears in the archer class demon quest. He is represented as a bipedal black unicorn. Skells in English or Dolls in Japanese, named Amdusias. The Skells’s head has horns pointing downwards and one of the weapons it originally carries is a scythe, and when the user of the scythe activates it, it causes the user to let out a cry of insanity at using a powerful attack. Along with Asmodeus, Astaroth, Gaap, Baal, and Orobas, he is one of the six most powerful demon crests in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

He is depicted as a large humanoid man in black armour, with large dragon-like wings. Amon is the demon who possesses the main character Akira Fudo and creates the hero Devilman. Akira Miyamoto, gets killed in his route and gets possessed by Amon. Amon appears as a “vestige” with whom characters can make a pact in return for power. His appearance is the same as his wolf form in the Lesser Key of Solomon. Dark Kindred forces stationed in present-day Castle Zvahl.

In a story-arc in the Wings of the Goddess expansion, he plays a larger role, scheming to undermine the security of the Republic of Bastok. Kirby: Right Back at Ya! In the English dub, he is simply called “The Bad Sheep”. He resembles a winged man with a raven’s head, riding on a wolf and brandishing a fiery sword.

He can either stab downwards with the sword or have his steed breathe fireballs. Like nearly all other demons, Andras can be later on recruited into the party via negotiation. Benny Solomon to kill the title character. Promethea defeats Andras and Marchosias in a fight at a nightclub. Moore depicts Andras with an angelic body topped by an owl’s head, riding a black wolf and wielding a fiery sword.