Understanding blood test results pdf

In some of the United States, a blood test is required before marriage. During venipuncture, pressure differences between the vein and the vacuum in the Vacutainer forces blood into the tube. Consequently, the state of the bloodstream affects, or is affected by, many medical understanding blood test results pdf. Samples of human blood collected for testing.

The barcodes contain information that is used to identify the individual from whom the sample was taken and the blood test requested. For the majority of tests, blood is usually obtained from the patient’s vein. Blood tests results should always be interpreted using the ranges provided by the laboratory that performed the test. Example ranges are shown below. Upon completion of a blood test analysis, patients may receive a report with blood test abbreviations.

Examples of common blood test abbreviations are shown below. Level of inflammation with the body. If the immune system is fighting an infection or illness, CRP will be higher. Analysis of 15 different blood test readings to provide information about overall health. Thyroid regulates the function of metabolism.

Low levels can lead to weight loss, while high levels lead to weight gain. Indicates the time it takes for red blood cells to move down a tube. This shows signs of inflammation within a body. This is a blood clotting test. This test reveals the levels of waste products, enzymes and proteins that are processed by the liver. This test is performed to measure the function of kidney.

This analysis provides an overall picture of the metabolism and chemical balance of the body. The level of white blood cells. The level of red blood cells. Similar to RBC but in percentage.