Types of wiring pdf

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Each appliance and each room are highlighted into autonomous circuits – all in all this apartment has 14 individual circuits. In new home construction, wiring for all electrical services can be easily installed before the walls are finished. In existing buildings, installation of a new system, such as a security system or home theatre, may require additional effort to install concealed wiring. Multiple unit dwellings such as condominiums and apartment houses may have additional installation complexity in distributing services within a house. Power and telecommunication services generally require entry points into the home and a location for connection equipment.

A distribution board, or circuit breaker panel, is typically a metal box mounted on a wall of the home. In many new homes the location of the electrical switchboard is on the outside of the external wall of the garage. How services are connected will vary depending on the service provider and location of the home. In many areas the installation must be done in compliance with standards and by a licensed or qualified electrician. Power points are typically located where there will be an appliance installed such as, telephone, computers, television, home theater, security system, CCTV system. The number of light fitting does depend on the type of light fitting and the lighting requirements in each room.