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Abandoned for long periods of time, modern infrastructure has made the location easily accessible as re-development is taking place. Nine hundred lives were lost in nine months during the construction of the resort in the way to rainy mountain full text pdf remote mountain location.

It is also an important cultural site, showing how the colonial settlers spent their free time. Some buildings were added at this time: an annex for the palace, the mayor’s office and a strange mushroomed concrete parasol. 1979, Khmer Rouge entrenched themselves and held on tightly for months. In the early 1990s Bokor Hill was still one of the last strongholds of Khmer Rouge. The purpose of Wikipedia is to present facts, not to train.

However, as at December 2011, construction was essentially completed on the new sealed road from National Highway 3 up to the hill station. The road is special in its use of battered slopes and drainage systems in an attempt to prevent landslides. Construction was also well under way on a number of buildings in the hill station area, with the area being partially signed and popular with Cambodian and foreign tourists. Now abandoned, with the exception of the old post office, most of the buildings are still standing. The strategic importance of the location is underlined by the fact that the Cambodian authorities maintain a ranger station on the site. The only other historic building currently in use on the site is a small temple.