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Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. You can choose your language settings from within the program. It was closed down in 2014. File:North Korea adm location map. Chaebong Pass to the east. These prisoners were never released.

6,000 Christians to be held in the camp. These prisoners were eventually released after serving their sentences. Most prisoners were deported to Yodok without trial, or following unfair trials, on the basis of confessions obtained through torture. The camp was patrolled by 1,000 guards with automatic rifles and guard dogs. 40 prisoners slept on a bed made of a wooden board covered with a blanket.

New prisoners received clothes that predecessors had worn until their deaths. Most clothes were dirty, worn-out, and full of holes. Prisoners had no proper shoes, socks, or gloves, and usually no spare clothes. The dead were buried naked because their possessions were taken by other prisoners.

All prisoners were covered with a thick layer of dirt, as they were overworked and have almost no opportunity to wash themselves or their clothes. As a result, the prisoners’ huts were foul-smelling and infested with lice, fleas, and other insects. The camp guards made prisoners report on each other and designate specific ones as foremen to control a group. If one person did not work hard enough, the whole group was punished. This created animosity among the detainees, destroyed any solidarity, and forced them to create a system of self-surveillance. Serious work accidents often occurred.

Work shifts in summer started at 4 a. Work shifts in other seasons started at 5:30 a. After dinner, prisoners were required to attend ideological education and struggle sessions from 9 to 11 p. Most of the primary school children attended school in the morning. In the afternoon they carried out hard labour with very high work quotas in terms of amount and intensity. Children were beaten with a stick for failure to meet the day’s quota.

Sometimes children died in work accidents. Elder children had to work all day and from age of 16, were assigned the same work quotas as adults. Prisoners were constantly kept on the verge of starvation. Depending on the agricultural produce of the year, rations could be less. To avoid being detected, they mostly ate the meat raw, often without removing the skin. All former prisoners say they frequently saw people dying. The prisoner’s arms are tied behind his back, his legs tied together, and he is hung from the ceiling for several days.