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The term “cambric cloth” also applies to a stiff, usually black, open-weave cloth typically used for a dust cover on the bottom of upholstered furniture. The word the shirtmaking workbook pdf attested since 1530.

Cambrai, has no historic ground. French lawn despite its foreign origin. Cambrai, the French city, where the material was originally made of linen yarn”. North American English in the early 19th century. Chambray was often produced during this period by the same weavers producing gingham. Technical use sometime introduced a difference between cambric and batiste, the latter being of a lighter weight and a finer thread count. In the 19th century, the terms cambric and batiste gradually lost their association with linen, implying only different kind of fine plain-weave fabrics with a glossy finish.

Moreover, the development and rationalization of mechanical weaving led to the replacement, for chambray, of coloured warp and white weft by the opposite, white warp and coloured weft, which allowed for longer warps. Then he’ll be a true love of mine. You shall own a cambric shirt, you shall work your father’s land. Published by Samuel Whiting and John L.