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This article is about the gemstone. Light to dark green, yellow to brown, white, gray, black. Vague the rough guide to china pdf download may be present at 500 nm, but rarely any lines.

Rarely, in stones of exceptional gem quality, vague lines in the red part of the spectrum may be seen. Pacific Coast and Atlantic Coasts of North America, Neolithic Europe, and southeast Asia. Accordingly, nephrite jade was once believed to be a cure for kidney stones. Single or just a few finds of nephrite artifacts are reported also from some other European countries. Jade was considered the “imperial gem”. Māori had no metal tools before European contact.

Māori designs is widely popular with tourists. Stone is often imported from Canada, China and Siberia, and Ngai Tahu runs a pounamu certification scheme to verify the authenticity of New Zealand stone. New York: André Emmerich Inc. Craft Production and Social Change in Mumun Pottery Period Korea. Gemmological significance of the prehistoric Balkan ‘nephrite culture’. Mining and Geology, 48, part 1, 91-94.

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