The legend of huma pdf

In local popular interpretation, the figures on these columns are perceived as representations of the Huma bird. Although there are many legends of the creature, common to all is that the bird the legend of huma pdf said never to alight on the ground, and instead to live its entire life flying invisibly high above the earth. The Huma bird is said to have both the male and female natures in one body, each nature having one wing and one leg. It is also believed that Huma cannot be caught alive, and the person killing a Huma will die in forty days.

Huma bird is portrayed as a pupil that refuses to undertake a journey because such an undertaking would compromise the privilege of bestowing kingship on those whom it flew over. In Iranian literature, this kingship-bestowing function of the Huma bird is identified with pre-Islamic monarchs, and stands vis-a-vis ravens, which is a metaphor for Arabs. The legend appears in non-Sufi art as well. Accordingly, the feathers decorating the turbans of kings were said to be plumage of the Huma bird. Its true meaning is that when a person’s thoughts so evolve that they break all limitation, then he becomes as a king. It is the limitation of language that it can only describe the Most High as something like a king. Huma bird as a “mighty and auspicious bird”.