The impact of science on society pdf

Changes must be reviewed before being displayed on this page. A society can also consist of like-minded people governed by their the impact of science on society pdf norms and values within a dominant, larger society.

In this regard society can mean the objective relationships people have with the material world and with other people, rather than “other people” beyond the individual and their familiar social environment. A half-section of the 12th-century South Tang Dynasty version of Night Revels of Han Xizai, original by Gu Hongzhong. The painting portrays servants, musicians, monks, children, guests, and hosts all in a single social environment. It serves as an in-depth look into the Chinese social structure of the time. File:Gu Hongzhong’s Night Revels 1.

Thus, a more isolated society with the same level of technology and culture as other societies is more likely to survive than one in closer proximity to others that may encroach on their resources. A society that is unable to offer an effective response to other societies it competes with will usually be subsumed into the culture of the competing society. The social group enables its members to benefit in ways that would not otherwise be possible on an individual basis. According to him, society was created by humans but this creation turns back and creates or molds humans every day.