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The matchmakers facilitate the introduction among the family and the prospective bride and groom. These often take place on separate days. The first event in a wedding is an informal one: the groom presents the bride with a ring marking the “engagement”, a system which is gaining popularity. This can sometimes be considered as Ashirwaad.

There can be subtle differences in Bengali Hindu marriages in West Bengal and Bangladesh. On an auspicious day the elders of the groom’s side go to bless the bride and vice versa, by sprinkling husked rice and trefoil on their heads and giving them gold ornaments. It is a kind of acceptance of the boy and the girl on both sides. A ceremony in which five or seven married women of the household grind turmeric with mortar and pestle and anoint the bride with turmeric paste. This brightens up the bride’s complexion and makes her skin glow. Gaye Holud is also celebrated on groom’s side. Mala Badal- the ceremony when bride and the groom exchange garlands with each other.