The certified six sigma green belt handbook pdf

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Q:1-In businesses that apply the theory of constraints, which element of a process receives immediate attention? Q:2-What is one major problem with obtaining information about customer satisfaction from comment cards? Q:3-Which distribution is appropriate for a continuous set of data with a fixed lower boundary but no upper boundary? Q:4-What are the three most important characteristics of process metrics? Q:5-Which pioneer of quality control wrote Quality Is Free?

Q:6-Which of the following conflict-response strategies would be most appropriate when a group is fragile? Q:7-Which is typically the first category to be identified in SIPOC analysis? Q:8-How is takt time calculated? Q:9-How many runs would be required in a complete factorial design if there are four levels and three factors? Q:10-Which parameter of a statistical distribution relates to the sharpness of its peak?