The blind assassin pdf

United States and befriends the son of an old friend. Although he remains blind, as a part of his recovery, he is taught by the local master to be an expert swordsman and to train his other senses. Billy in order to use him the blind assassin pdf leverage over Frank. Slag and two corrupt police officers attempt to kidnap Billy, but Nick stops them.

The corrupts officers are killed, Billy is knocked unconscious, and Slag shoots Billy’s mom before he escapes. Along the way to Reno, Parker tells Billy about his mother’s death while at a rest stop. Upset, Billy runs away from Nick who chases him through a corn field. Once again, Nick foils their plan by rescuing Billy and stopping Slag. But Slag survives his second encounter with Nick and his sword. Billy and Nick eventually become fond of each other leading Billy to refer to him as Uncle Nick.

Once they reach Reno the come in contact with Frank’s girlfriend Annie, who agrees to take them to Frank. Annie leaves to return to Colleen’s to watch over Billy, while Nick saves Frank. Despite being searched for by casino security, Nick and Frank escape and head to Colleen’s to reunite Billy with his dad. But when they arrive they find Colleen dead, killed by Slag, and Billy and Annie kidnapped. Knowing they could be walking into an ambush Nick and Frank arm themselves with homemade napalm bombs. Parker once and for all.

This leads to an epic swordfight between the two, in which Nick eventually wins by knocking the assassin into a hot tub with electricity running through it. Then Slag with his desert eagle shoots Nick wounding him in the shoulder. But Nick then throws his sword like a spear at Slag which impales him. Billy escapes his rope and throws Nick’s sword to him, but it lands in the electrified waters of the hot tub. Just as Slag reaches for his gun Nick grabs a hold of the assassin’s blade. And before Slag can even get a shot off Nick uses the blade full force knocking Slag out of the window which also cuts him in half falling to his death. Although Nick plans to travel with the trio, he instead drops his ticket as a sign of him not going.

Billy follows Nick telling him that he needs him and Nick replies that he is fond of Billy but tells him to go back to his dad. Nick then crosses the street and vanishes when a bus passes him. A tearful Billy goes after Nick shouting that he needs him. Saddened by him leaving Billy throws his dinosaur off the Bridge where Nick catches it.