The armageddon rag pdf

Martin has described the book as probably his most ambitious and experimental novel but “a total commercial disaster” that almost destroyed his the armageddon rag pdf. Balrog Award for best novel. Despite its initial commercial failure, the novel remains in print. The novel contains a detailed account of the history and repertoire of its imaginary rock band, including concert setlists and album track timings.

Each of the novel’s chapter headings open with actual famous rock lyrics, whose meanings resonate throughout that chapter. Sandy Blair becomes involved in the investigation of the brutal murder of rock promoter Jamie Lynch, whose heart had been torn from his body. Hobbins had been mysteriously murdered. Lynch’s high-profile death soon opens the door for a Nazgûl reunion tour, which slowly begins to eerily mirror the events of their original West Mesa tour. With Lynch out of the way, and a disastrous act of arson forcing the remaining three members of the Nazgûl to go on a reunion tour, which is promoted by a rich man named Edan Morse. The mysterious Morse may or may not had been a left-wing revolutionary in the 1970s, noted for his violent methods.