The archaeology of greece biers pdf

The archaeology of greece biers pdf article is about Grecian palace complexes. Schematic plan of a megaron complex.

Because of this, the main room is sometimes referred to as the “throne room”. The entrance was the feature that helps to distinguish the megaron, due to its position, which was along the shorter wall so that the depth was larger than the width. There were often many rooms around the central Megaron, such as archive rooms, offices, oil-press rooms, workshops, potteries, shrines, corridors, armories, and storerooms for such goods as wine, oil and wheat. The structure of the megaron foreshadowed an image for the eventual layout of Greek temples. An early Megaron has a pitched roof, and there were other roof types as well such as the flat roof and barrel roof. These are always destroyed in the remnants of the early Megaron, so the definite roof type is not known.

In the theory of architecture, the Megaron is considered to be the earliest architectural act. The floor was of patterned concrete, covered in carpet. On the walls were inlaid paintings called frescoes, these were often of Phoenician style. The Megaron is considered to be the predecessor of all orders in architectural theory. Originally it was very colourful, made with the Minoan architectural order, the insides made of fired brick and a wooden roof supported on beams. The rooftop was tiled with ceramic and terracotta tiles. There were wood ornamented metal doors often two leaved, and footbaths were also used in the megaron.