Strategy implementation in strategic management pdf

There are several definitions, most of which relate to the process of managing strategy implementation in strategic management pdf associated with the delivery of a strategic plan – e. A series of interventions concerning organisational structures, key personnel actions, and control systems designed to control performance with respect to desired ends. Other definitions concern the processes by which an organisation identifies and allocates the actions associated with the delivery of a strategic plan – e.

A process by which large, complex, and potentially unmanageable strategic problems are factored into progressively smaller, less complex, and hence more manageable proportions. Joyce – and it is no surprise that definitions from this work appear in both of the lists given above. The strategy articulation will describe the strategic outcomes to be achieved, preferably expressed in the form of quantitative or qualitative goals. This strategy articulation can, for example, be expressed in the form of a Destination Statement. This validation can be both internal to the organisation or external. In addition, when implementing a strategy, the human aspect also needs to be considered.

And an implementation can be done only if the organisational members are engaged. Validation of the strategy is needed from within the organisation – in particular from members of the organisation with implementation responsibilities. Without this knowledge of the strategy, organisational members will not be able to place the strategy being implemented within a broader context and assess its importance. One way the communication can be done, is by cascading down the strategy into the organisation, where the strategic activities and outcomes are broken down into smaller set of change programmes and operational goals specific for each management teams, with the focus to achieve them in the near term – combining critical operational outcomes with the most urgently required change initiatives. To be usable, a strategic needs to be translated into a set of actionable operational steps.

An essential part is to make sure that people understand what is they need to do and why. Having a concrete, detailed and comprehensive implementation plan can have a positive influence on the level of success of an implementation effort. In addition it helps identify what will be required in terms of resources, capabilities and time. Therefore to achieve strategic objectives, the short-term operating objectives need to be measurable.