Stick control exercises pdf

Master fingerstyle technique with these essential fingerpicking exercises over common chords and progressions. Guitar TAB and stick control exercises pdf for easy practice.

Powered by Slider Revolution 5. I think you’ll agree that fingerstyle guitar is a technique that sounds great, but is also intimidating to the beginner player. There seems to be countless fingerpicking exercises to work on even before you can play your first fingerstyle song on guitar. This leads to frustration, and more often than not, guitarists avoiding fingerstyle all together, even though they really dig that sound.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this lesson, you’ll focus on essential fingerstyle exercises, over both chords and single lines, and learn to comp and solo over songs. By working specific exercises you cut through the clutter and focus on exactly what you need to learn fingerstyle guitar. As well, learning to comp and solo over tunes with fingerpicking gets these exercises into a musical situation right away.

That’s a win-win musical situation for sure. Check out these exercises and have fun with the tunes in your studies. Even if you never become a full-time fingerstyle guitarist, having these techniques down will make you a better player, not matter what style you prefer. Before you dive into the material below, let’s look at exactly what fingerstyle guitar is. Though you can mix pick and fingers, called hybrid picking, this lesson focuses on pure fingerpicking technique. When doing so, you give each finger a name to make it easier to know which fingers to use on each note.

Here are the picking-hand symbols used in this lesson, and in any fingerstyle song where fingers are indicated. The first exercise has three variations, which you can see in the tabs below. Each of these variations warms up your alternate fingerpicking, such as im and ma. Go slow, use a metronome, take this pattern to other strings, and focus on each note sounding at the same volume. Here, you move up and down each string as you bring your thumb into the picture. If this exercise becomes easy, add chords to challenge your fretting hand with this pattern.