Stephen covey first things first book pdf

Stephen Covey outlines several concepts before describing the “Seven Habits” in detail. The character ethic is the idea that a person advances in basis of stephen covey first things first book pdf character.

This was culturally the main idea expressed in the US up until about WWI, when popular literature began to focus more on short-cuts and easy ways to manipulate situations or to get what you want. Character ethic depends on deep changes within each of us, while the personality ethic falls back on methods or techniques. Covey gave us a good illustration: Covey uses the example of a person trying to find his way through Chicago with a map of Detroit. No matter how hard he tries, he will never be successful. In the same way, when we have erroneous ideas of what something is like, we are destined to fail in dealing with whatever it is. We should work to have correct and healthy understandings of the world around us.

Cover Paradigms are the mental maps that we use to describe the world around us. They are the lens that each of us uses to understand everyone and everything. The key of a paradigm isn’t as much in the true nature of a thing as much as our perception of the thing. They also deal with our views and our mental perspective due to to the actions done around us.

A paradigm shift is the change in one’s perspective concerning the way we perceive things. They are two different things: changing the way we see things around us and changing the things around us. Covey describes how once he was frustrated in the subway to see the very bad behavior of a man’s children, but when he found out that they were coming from the hospital where the mother had just died an hour before, his perspective changed completely. Let me give you a good example: I was in a train and a grown up man was with his father. He was acting so surprised to see everything and asking the father how it was called. It was embarrassing and this frustrated a couple in front of me to asked the father if his son is retarded and if he doesn’t feel ashamed carrying him out.