Star fleet technical manual pdf

Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual cover. The book provides some detail on the workings of technology used in the original series, including its ships, phasers, tricorders, universal translators, and medical equipment, and even diagrams for a working communicator built using 20th century electronics. It also contains plans for 3-dimensional chess, and lays out some basic game rules. STAR, the members of which spent time making their own Trek props star fleet technical manual pdf costumes.

Using his aerospace design talents, he began making technical drawings of phasers and tricorders. Though he considered the franchise dead, Roddenberry encouraged Joseph to seek Barrett’s help in creating a manual, a project blessed with privileged access to original props and carpenter’s blueprints. Spock’s living quarters is broken. This page was last edited on 22 November 2017, at 04:05. Two manual creators moved from making blueprints to helping shape the look of the shows themselves.

The following list is incomplete. Star Fleet Technical Supplements Booklet No. Star Fleet Technical Manual First Edition. Star Fleet Technical Manual First Edition, 2nd printing. The Starfleet Handbook, Vol 10. The Starfleet Handbook, Vol 11. The Starfleet Handbook—Aliens of Star Trek.

Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual. Star Fleet Technical Supplements Booklet no 1. USS Enterprise NCC-1701—Constitution Class Refit—Familiarization Manual. The Starfleet Handbook, Vol 12. The Starfleet Handbook, Vol 13. From the Files of Star Fleet Command. Stan and Fred Goldstein, illustrated by Rick Sternbach.