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This article is about the spooksville the secret path pdf series. November 29, 2010 to July 26, 2013.

October 4, 2013 and concluded the show’s story. Bumblebee, were considered “must-haves” for the series and from that point on, they tried to include characters that would contemplate their personalities “rather than emulate them”. February 11 to October 11, 2011. While the first season was still running, it was announced the show had been renewed for a second season, also consisting of 26 episodes. June Darby, Japanese transfer student Miko Nakadai, computer prodigy Rafael Esquivel, and American government agent William Fowler. MECH, a human faction which wishes to create a new world order through cutting edge technology stolen from the Transformer’s deceased. He eventually recovers, taking back his leadership from the treacherous Starscream, who later defects to follow his own path.

In the series finale, the Autobots and Megatron join forces to prevent the rise of Unicron. Unicron back into hibernation, but in doing so, loses his memories and regain his pre-war personality of Orion Pax. In season two, Megatron manipulates the amnesiac Optimus into decrypting the Iacon archives, which contain coordinates to Cybertronian relics hidden on Earth. Jack travels to Cybertron, obtaining Optimus’ memories from Vector Sigma, and restores them to Optimus. The season mostly is based around the hunt for the Iacon relics.

Starscream obtains the four Omega Keys, which power the Omega Lock, a device which can reboot the dead Cybertron, and gives them to Megatron in return for clemency. Optimus destroys the Omega Lock, but not before Megatron uses its powers to create a new base, Darkmount, on Earth. The Decepticons then target and destroy the Autobot base, unaware the team escaped before hand using their ground bridge. Team Prime, introducing Ultra Magnus as Optimus’ second-in-command. The Autobots successfully destroy Darkmount. Shockwave arrives on Earth, planning to create an army of Predacons, starting with Predaking.

But when Predaking shows intelligence, Megatron has Shockwave terminate his project, pinning its destruction upon the Autobots. Soundwave later kidnaps Ratchet, Megatron forcing him to rebuild the Omega Lock using synthetic Energon. Ratchet informs Predaking of the truth, and he defects. During the battle for the Omega Lock, Bumblebee is shot by Megatron, falling into the synthetic Energon.

However, he survives, gaining a healed voice, and runs Megatron through with the Star Saber, killing the Decepticon leader. The Autobots use the Omega Lock to restore Cybertron and head home victorious. Autobots and remaining Decepticons rebuild Cybertron. Megatron, disillusioned with the prospect of tyranny, disbands the Decepticons and leaves Cybertron.

Bidding farewell to his comrades, Optimus Prime flies into Cybertron’s core to begin a new era for the Transformers. Bumblebee remains voiceless throughout most of the series due to his voice box having been damaged and has to communicate through beeps. While initially appearing for one episode in season one, the character would play a more important role and join the team in the latter half of season two. Optimus’ second-in-command, comes to Earth to aid him and the Autobots in defeating the Decepticons. The series’ logo was revealed on May 3, 2010.

There were things we wanted to do in the movies that we just couldn’t do and there were character arcs that we wanted to explore with the Transformers that we just couldn’t do. We wanted to show more of their mythology and their past and their planet and just hang out with them. You just want to hang out with them! And in the movie, every time you did that, it was very special but it was extremely limited. So there was always another way into the paradigm of what we would have wanted to tell as Transformers stories and this was just a lucky accident that then we got an opportunity to pursue that inspiration – and then find something that obviously we never even thought of for the movies, because it becomes its own thing. On February 4, 2011, when the show’s first season resumed airing, it was revealed that the show had been renewed for second season consisting of 26 episodes, similarly to the first. The season started airing on February 18, 2012.

March 22, would be the show’s last. Autobots being important, the Autobots are at the foreground. From that point on, they tried to include Autobots and Decepticons that contemplated those characters’ personalities, “rather than duplicate them”. Autobots would always be at a disatvantage and “make their job that much harder. 2011, numerous details regarding season two were revealed. What happens will be pretty unexpected, but pretty organic.