Spider robot project pdf

Correct the Battery model name and dimension. 2015-10-11 upload the PCB layout image file. Step 2: schematic pdf file – spider_2015-spider robot project pdf-04-open-v2.

Someone who are asking about it, they are interested in it. This is my first project for the 4 legs robot and it took me about 1 year development. It is a robot that relies on calculations to position servos and pre-programmed sequences of legs. This is the fourth generation of my design, you can take a look here if you are interested the history. Building this project is fun, however, it should take you more time and patient to implement. If it is a hard job to you, the product comes from Sunfounder might a good choice.

Let’s get start and have fun! I believe that these parts are most popular and not expensive. They are just cost me about 2,000 Taiwan dollar. PCB layout image file, you should download the zip file would be better. You can come here for more information about PCB DIY. Refer to the schematics file, and place all components like the pictures. The main-board that the last one picture is the newest version, just for you reference.