Social media proposal sample pdf

The service you were trying to reach is temporarily down. We apologize for social media proposal sample pdf inconvenience and hope to have it up and running again soon. We at PBS are committed to reviewing every proposal submitted for our consideration and want to make this process as simple as possible. Please note that PBS is a membership organization that provides national programming, distribution, and technical services to our member stations.

We do not produce the programs you see on our air. We can only work with experienced producers who are capable of managing all aspects of a project’s development and production. Your proposal materials must be accompanied by a signed proposal release form and an informational summary sheet. PBS cannot review a proposal until these forms are on file. Assemble your materials, sending all relevant information about each project. Briefly outline the subject and story of the program or the larger context out of which the story evolved. Clearly communicate how the television program will unfold from beginning to end.

Include details on story structure, theme, style, format, voice, and point-of-view. If the project is a series, summarize the content of each planned episode. Provide a schedule of all phases of production. If applicable, explain how you plan to enhance your project through a companion website, video-on-demand, or podcasting. Discuss specific elements on the proposed site and provide information on the web production team and budget. Include an itemized list of project costs, i.