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This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. Shiva, although Lord Shiva is a father figure sister nivedita biography pdf her. Manasa is depicted as being kind to her devotees, but harsh to people who refused to worship her.

Denied full godhead by her mixed parentage, Manasa’s aim was to fully establish her authority as a goddess and to acquire steadfast human devotees. Later, she was included in higher caste Hindu pantheon, where she is now regarded as a Hindu goddess rather than a tribal one. Lord Shiva, as she had a brother-sister bond with Lord Ganesha. Sometimes, she is depicted with a child on her lap. Sage Jagatkāru practised severe austerities and had decided to abstain from marriage.

Once he came across a group of men hanging from a tree upside down. These men were his ancestors, who were doomed to misery as their children had not performed their last rites. So they advised Jagatkāru to marry and have a son who could free them of those miseries by performing the ceremonies. Vasuki offered his sister Manasa’s hand to Jagatkāru. The goddess Manasā in a dense jungle landscape with snakes. They declare that sage Kashyapa is her father, not Shiva as described in the Mangalkavyas.

Once, when Jaratkaru was awakened by Manasa, he became upset with her because she awakened him too late for worship, and so he deserted her. Manasa, composed in Bengal between the 13th and the 18th centuries. Later, the sage Jaratkaru married Manasa, but Chandi ruined Manasa’s wedding night. Chandi advised Manasa to wear snake ornaments and then threw a frog in the bridal chamber which caused the snakes to run around the chamber. As a consequence, the terrified Jaratkaru ran away from the house. After few days, he returned and Astika, their son, was born. A scene from Manasa Mangal.

Accompanied by her adviser, Neto, Manasa descended to earth to see human devotees. She was initially mocked by the people but then Manasa forced them to worship her by raining calamity on those who denied her power. To get there she had to achieve the worship of Chand Sadagar who was extremely adamant and took oath not to worship Manasa. Thus to gain his fear and insecurity, Manasa one by one killed his six sons .