Second language learning theories pdf

Preparing America’s students for success. Copyright rests with the authors. Lorraine Valdez Pierce, discussing effective classroom strategies for assessing English second language learning theories pdf learners.

For general information about our webcasts or to be part of our studio audience in Washington D. This webcast is made possible by AFT Teachers, a division of the American Federation of Teachers, as part of a ColorĂ­n Colorado partnership between AFT and Reading Rockets. This 45-minute webcast is a thorough introduction to assessment for teachers of English language learners. Lorraine Valdez Pierce will also provide practical advice on how ESL and classroom teachers can collaborate when assessing English language learners and making decisions based on those assessments.

Tips on record keeping and rubrics are also included. Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University. She is the Vice President of the Center for Community Educational Excellence at the National Council of La Raza. The articles and books below were chosen by Reading Rockets to help you learn more about this issue.

Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Reading Rockets’ sister site features information for families and educators of English language learners. Discover how to bridge the gap between equitably assessing linguistic and academic performance. This well-documented text examines the unique needs of English language learners and describes strategies for implementing instructional assessment of language and content. An authoritative reference for teachers facing an increasingly diverse school population that provides pre-service and in-service teachers, curriculum specialists, teacher mentors, and administrators with the necessary tools to meet the educational needs of English language learners in an inclusive classroom.