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This article has multiple issues. In particular, The term is very broad and can incorporate many different types, including “cursive hieroglyphs”. Indeed, scripts people live pdf earliest texts from Egypt are produced with ink and brush, with no indication their signs are descendants of hieroglyphs.

The two writing systems, therefore, are related, parallel developments, rather than a single linear one. Through most of its long history, hieratic was used for writing administrative documents, accounts, legal texts, and letters, as well as mathematical, medical, literary, and religious texts. In general, hieratic was much more important than hieroglyphs throughout Egypt’s history, being the script used in daily life. It was also the writing system first taught to students, knowledge of hieroglyphs being limited to a small minority who were given additional training.

In fact, it is often possible to detect errors in hieroglyphic texts that came about due to a misunderstanding of an original hieratic text. Besides papyrus, stone, ceramic shards, and wood, there are hieratic texts on leather rolls, though few have survived. These tablets record inventories, name lists, accounts, and approximately fifty letters. Of the letters, many are internal letters that were circulated within the palace and the local settlement, but others were sent from other villages in the oasis to the governor. Several hieratic characters have diacritical additions so that similar signs could easily be distinguished.

Particularly complicated signs could be written with a single stroke. These two forms can often be significantly different from one another. It derives from the script of Upper Egyptian administrative documents and was used primarily for legal texts, land leases, letters, and other texts. This type of writing was superseded by Demotic—a Lower Egyptian scribal tradition—during the 26th Dynasty, when Demotic was established as a standard administrative script throughout a re-unified Egypt. Hieratic has had influence on a number of other writing systems.

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