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English-born author, known principally for works of biography and history, although he also wrote novels, poetry, magazine articles and many other works. After working in Singapore and China, he moved to the United Robert collier books pdf in 1946 and became a professor of English literature.

These works are praised for their readability and literary power, although not always for their historical rigour. China after the armistice with Chiang Kai-shek and his followers was broken. He became a US citizen in 1953 and settled in New York in 1954, devoting himself to writing and shifting his focus in part from novels and poetry to biography. He married Sheila Lalwani in 1981. Payne’s biographies were sometimes informed by his personal encounters with his subjects.

Payne had actually met Hitler in 1937 in Munich at the Hotel Vierjahrenzeiten at the invitation of Rudolf Hess. As Payne recounted in his book “Eyewitness”, Hitler offered him a strawberry cream cake. Payne also dined and had long conversations with Mao Zedong in 1946. As a novelist, Payne used the pseudonyms Richard Cargoe, John Anthony Devon, Howard Horne, Valentin Tikhonov, and Robert Young. Payne’s writing, incorporating “fragmentary da Vinci notes. Many of Payne’s better-known works have been re-published in digital form by the British publisher Endeavour Press. World rights to all works by Payne are handled by David Higham Associates, London, U.

Francis Ford Coppola, who was the co-screenwriter of the award-winning 1970 film “Patton”, lifted almost verbatim the last words of the film from the first paragraph of Payne’s book “The Roman Triumph”, ending with the phrase, “all glory is fleeting. Payne received no screen credit for this contribution. Payne was described in 1947 as “a poet and a believer in the permanent power of beauty”, and as a “young English author whose versatility and prolific output have astonished the literary world”. The New York Times in 1950 called him “the most versatile writer of the year”. No man alive can write more beautiful prose than Robert Payne. Payne’s biography of Hitler was seen as attempting to “humanize the inhuman Hitler”.

Payne’s focus on Hitler’s personal life resulted in a good account of Hitler’s earlier years, but proved less productive for his later life when he “becomes absorbed in politics”. Payne’s account, while stating that “it incorporates speculation as fact”. The Marshall Story: A Biography of General George C. Library of Congress Catalog number 68-11014. Vinci is actually a portrait of his father. Chinese family from 1908 to the present day.