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Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership, an educational non-profit organization. Quiet the power of introverts susan cain pdf download left her careers in corporate law and consulting for a quieter life of writing at home with her family.

She later wrote that she looks back on her years as a Wall Street lawyer “as time spent in a foreign country. When asked what she would be doing if she were not a writer, Cain explained that she would be a research psychologist, saying she is insatiably curious about human nature. Cain’s interest in writing about introversion reportedly stemmed from her own difficulties with public speaking, which made Harvard Law School “a trial. She eventually realized that the concepts of introversion and extroversion provided the “language for talking about questions of identity” that had been lacking. Cain likened Introverts today to women at that time—second-class citizens with gigantic amounts of untapped talent. Saying that most introverts aren’t aware of how they are constantly spending their time in ways that they would prefer not to be and have been doing so all their lives, Cain explained that she was trying to give people entitlement in their own minds to be who they are. Cain’s own suitcase contained books.

Cain’s research was published in articles in the year leading up to the book’s publication and in the ensuing months. Conference, Cain confirmed her April 2011 prediction that the ensuing year would be her Year of Speaking Dangerously—for which the self-described introvert declared she would be training, “as if preparing for a marathon,” to be the best and bravest speaker she could be. Cain later wrote that her year of preparation had unfolded in “three stages of accelerating dread. But saying her butterflies had turned into “gut-wrenching knots,” Cain worked for six full days with an acting coach immediately before the talk. Steven Levy remarking that “the introvert aced the talk.