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In different countries, there are different requirements for an individual to legally practice neurosurgery, and there are varying methods through which they must principles of neurosurgery pdf download free educated. In most countries, neurosurgeon training requires a minimum period of seven years after graduating from medical school. Most, but not all, residency programs have some component of basic science or clinical research.

Neurosurgeons may pursue additional training in the form of a fellowship, after residency or in some cases, as a senior resident. In the United Kingdom, students must gain entry into medical school. Junior doctors then apply to enter the neurosurgical pathway. Neurosurgery remains consistently amongst the most competitive medical specialties in which to obtain entry. Neurosurgery, or the premeditated incision into the head for pain relief, has been around for thousands of years, but notable advancements in neurosurgery have only come within the last hundred years.

Edinburgh Skull, trepanning showing hole in back of skull Wellcome M0009393. In 1910, Paul Berger excavated underneath a Bronze age hearth near Halle, Germany, where he unearthed human remains that showed crude surgical openings in the skull. The skull had two trephinations and these operations were performed at different times. Trephinations are crude surgical holes made through either scraping, cutting, or drilling away the layers of bone, and great care is taken to preserve the outermost lining of the brain, the dura mater.