Princess diaries 5 princess in pink pdf

Mia is awaiting coronation, but can only be queen if she marries within thirty days. In this novel, Mia must learn to deal with public life, beginning with a primetime interview Mia is instructed to attend by her Grandmère, despite Mia’s protests. When Princess diaries 5 princess in pink pdf gets a sore throat, she thinks that the interview will be cancelled, but she is sike out of her sickbed by the enticement of a “secret admirer,” and cannot avoid the interview. During the interview itself, says a number of embarrassing things, including that her mother is pregnant with the baby of her fiancé, Mr.

The pregnancy revealed, Grandmère organizes for the Royal Genovian Event Planner to be flown to New York from Genovia to plan an elaborate, elitist wedding. Mia has to deal with the unwanted attention brought on by the interview, along with the knowledge that a secret admirer has been sending her emails. On the day of the wedding, Mia discovers that her mom and Mr. G have eloped in Mexico with the help of her father.