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They finally agreed upon 148 seats. The Terms poona pact in hindi pdf the Poona Pact were as follows. There shall be seats reserved for the Depressed Classes out of general electorate. These figures were based on the total strength of the Provincial Councils announced in Ramsay Macdonald’s decision.

All members of the Depressed Classes registered in the general electoral roll of a constituency will form an electoral college which will elect a panel of four candidates belonging to the Depressed Classes for each of such reserved seats by the method of the single vote and four persons getting the highest number of votes in such primary elections shall be the candidates for election by the general electorate. The representation of the Depressed Classes in the Central Legislature shall likewise be on the principle of joint electorates and reserved seats by the method of primary election in the manner provided for in clause above for their representation in the provincial legislatures. British India in the said legislature shall be reserved for the Depressed Classes. The system of primary election to a panel of candidates for election to the Central and Provincial Legislatures as herein-before mentioned shall come to an end after the first ten years, unless terminated sooner by mutual agreement under the provision of clause 6 below.

There shall be no disabilities attached to any one on the ground of his being a member of the Depressed Classes in regard to any election to local bodies or appointment to the public services. Every endeavour shall be made to secure a fair representation of the Depressed Classes in these respects, subject to such educational qualifications as may be laid down for appointment to the Public Services. In every province out of the educational grant an adequate sum shall be ear-marked for providing educational facilities to the members of Depressed Classes. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This page was last edited on 10 December 2017, at 07:34.

Varanasi in 1916, which was created under the B. 40,000 students across arts, sciences, engineering, medical, agriculture, performing arts, law and technology from all over the world. India’s highest civilian award, on 24 December 2014, a day before his 153rd Birth Anniversary. Pandit Brij Nath and Moona Devi. Madhya Pradesh and hence came to be known as ‘Malaviyas’. Their original surname was Chaturvedi.

Malaviya was traditionally educated at two Sanskrit Pathshalas and later continued education at an English school. Malaviya started his schooling at Hardeva’s Dharma Gyanopadesh Pathshala, where he completed his primary education and later another school run by Vidha Vardini Sabha. Harrison College’s Principal provided a monthly scholarship to Malaviya, whose family had been facing financial hardships, and he was able to complete his B. Although he wanted to pursue an M.