Planswift 10 user manual pdf

Is anyone using Earthworks by Planswift 10 user manual pdf Technologies Inc. It is affordable and seems to do what I need.

I use an older version of Earthworks. My digitizer just crapped the bed so I either have to get another one or i’ve been thinking about getting software that will let me do onscreen takeoffs. Too many choices, hate to make the wrong purchase because of the cost. Can anyone make any recomendations?

I’ve never used Earthworks by Solution Technologies but I used Earthwork by Trakware for years until we upgraded our GPS software to include Trimble HCE with the estimating module. For Smaller projects it does the job just fine but lacks the bells and whistles that come in handy when doing takeoffs for the larger projects. Earthworks also has an onscreen takeoff capability so you don’t need a digitizer, which are quickly becoming archaic since most good programs offer the onscreen capabilities these days. If you have the money for Cadillacs I’d go with Agtek or Trimble HCE.