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What’s common for Beer Mug perendev magnetic motor design pdf Power Factor? Working Power to Apparent Power.

W is Working Power, kVAR is Reactive Power and kVA is Apparent Power. EEP – Electrical Engineering Portal » What’s common for Beer Mug and Power Factor? What’s common for Beer Mug and Power Factor? Share with your Facebook friends! Understanding power factor is not that hard. We have some very common example from the real life you will understand for sure, but first let’s start with some introduction of power factor.

It is the power that actually powers the equipment and performs useful work. Let’s say it’s friday evening, and you are with your friends at your favorite pub after really hot day. You order up a big mug of your favorite beer for you and for your friends. Along with your ale comes a little bit of foam. Thus, the lower your power factor. Our beer mug analogy is a bit simplistic. Therefore, we must go one step further and look at the angle between these vectors.

EEP that can help you to understand power factor and its controlling. The correct unit for reactive power is kvar, not kVAr. It is amazing how this how often this graphic turns up when you need to discuss reactive power and explain how it can affect electricity bills. With the ESOS deadline on the horizon it is even more relevant. Am student and iwant to know the way of achive my goal to be a engineer . Its a really interesting Practical Example. Hope people donot forget after having a beer.

Excellent example, served me to explain the power factor to my clients. We need more examples applicable to real life. So there is always a bit of loss in the generation process, lost to the equipment itself? Thanks much for this helpful article! I love your power factor analogy using beer as an example! Good approach to teach a topic in a simple way.