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Unsourced office furniture catalog pdf may be challenged and removed. In addition to furniture’s functional role, it can serve a symbolic or religious purpose. It can be made from many materials, including metal, plastic, and wood.

People have been using natural objects, such as tree stumps, rocks and moss, as furniture since the beginning of human civilisation. Archaeological research shows that from around 30,000 years ago, people began constructing and carving their own furniture, using wood, stone, and animal bones. One unique outgrowth of post-modern furniture design is a return to natural shapes and textures. French means supplies or provisions.

The practice of using natural objects as rudimentary pieces of furniture likely dates to the beginning of human civilisation. Early humans are likely to have used tree stumps as seats, rocks as rudimentary tables, and mossy areas for sleeping. 30,000 years ago, people began constructing and carving their own furniture, using wood, stone and animal bones. The inclusion of such a seat in the figurines implies that these were already common artefacts of that age. 2500 BC and due to a shortage of wood in Orkney, the people of Skara Brae were forced to build with stone, a readily available material that could be worked easily and turned into items for use within the household.

6th and 3rd century BC. At this period, Egyptians in the southwestern corner of Egypt were herding cattle and also constructing large buildings. They raised cattle, goats and pigs and they wove linens and baskets. 3200 BC, Egyptian art developed significantly, and this included furniture design. The scarcity of wood necessitated innovation in construction techniques. Egyptian society, from the royal family down to ordinary citizens. Early examples were formed by adding a straight back to a stool, while later chairs had an inclined back.