Norm referenced assessment pdf

That is, this type of test identifies whether the test taker performed better or worse than other test takers, not whether the test taker knows either more or less material than is necessary for norm referenced assessment pdf given purpose. The same test can be used in both ways. Many college entrance exams and nationally used school tests use norm-referenced tests.

Test takers cannot “fail” a norm-referenced test, as each test taker receives a score that compares the individual to others that have taken the test, usually given by a percentile. This is useful when there is a wide range of acceptable scores, and the goal is to find out who performs better. The median IQ is set to 100, and all test takers are ranked up or down in comparison to that level. As alternatives to normative testing, tests can be ipsative assessments or criterion-referenced assessments. In an ipsative assessment, the individuals’ performance is compared only to their previous performances. For example, a person on a weight-loss diet is judged by how his current weight compares to his own previous weight, rather than how his weight compares to an ideal or how it compares to another person.