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Isaiah 46:1 and Jeremiah 50:2 and 51:44. Erebuni has been described as “designed as a great administrative and religious centre, movses khorenatsi history of armenia pdf fully royal capital. Christianity as a state religion.

In the early 20th century Armenians suffered in the genocide inflicted on them by the Ottoman government of Turkey, in which 1. Stone tools from 325,000 years ago have been found in Armenia which indicate the presence of early humans at this time. In the 1960s excavations in the Yerevan 1 Cave uncovered evidence of ancient human habitation, including the remains of a 48,000-year-old heart, and a human cranial fragment and tooth of a similar age. Armani and Ibla are unclear. Armenian Highland, often clashing with the Hittite Empire. Armenian Highland and gave himself the title “King of Kings”, the traditional title of Urartian Kings.

Urartu had become a strong and organized state, and imposed taxes to neighbouring tribes. Urartian territory up north, by spreading towards the Araratian fields. 782 BC by using 6600 prisoners of war. Armenia and the Caucasus Mountains.

585 BC, effectively ending the sovereignty of Urartu. Rest Fenner, published in 1835. Armenia, Mesopotamia, Babylonia and Assyria with Adjacent Regions, Karl von Spruner, published in 1865. Hellenistic Armenian state was founded in 190 BC. The new kings began a program of expansion which was to reach its zenith a century later.

Their acquisitions are summarized by Strabo. Artaxias took lands from the Medes, Iberians, and Syrians. Seleucid Syria and Cappadocia, and was included in the treaty which followed the victory of a group of Anatolian kings over Pharnaces of Pontus in 181 BC. Pharnaces thus abandoned all of his gains in the west. For a time, Armenia was one of the most powerful states east of Rome.

66 BC, but nonetheless preserved its sovereignty. Tigranes continued to rule Armenia as an ally of Rome until his death in 55 BC. Kingdom of Armenia becoming an allied client state of Rome. Western political, philosophical, and religious orientation. According to Strabo, around this time everyone in Armenia spoke “the same language. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The Roman Empire at its greatest extent, with the “Roman Province of Armenia”. Sassanid Persia on the other hand. Armenian throne, but his nomination had to be approved by the Roman emperor. Armenia to the Roman Empire as a new province. The Parthians forced Armenia into submission from 37 to 47, when the Romans retook control of the kingdom. Armenia, allied to the Romans.