Mistress of the empire pdf

Rome of Theodora and her daughter Mistress of the empire pdf through male surrogates. Marozia was born about 890.

Roman citizenry like a man. Hence John too may have been the son of Marozia and Alberic I. By the time Alberic I was killed at Orte in 924, the Roman landowners had won complete victory over the traditional bureaucracy represented by the papal curia. Rome was virtually under secular control, the historic nadir of the papacy. Either Guy had him smothered with a pillow in 928 or he simply died, perhaps from neglect or ill treatment. John was only twenty-one at the time. Hugh was already married, but had that marriage annulled so that Hugh and Marozia could be wed.

Alberic II, Marozia’s son, led the opposition to the rule of Marozia and Hugh. After deposing them in 932, at the very wedding ceremonies, Alberic II imprisoned his mother until her death. Marozia would remain in prison for some 5 years before she died. Liutprand of Cremona are the main sources for the details of her life. Although given the level of widespread violence and corruption of the period, there was more than likely little to be exaggerated. By Guy of Tuscany she had a daughter named Berta Theodora, who never married. Coat of arms Holy See.

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