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34 different offices across the globe. 2008, and they expected similar results in 2009. Professional Engineering Magazine described this meshing in ansys pdf “recession-proof performance” and went on to point out that this success is especially noteworthy considering that many of the company’s customers are in the automotive industry, a sector of the economy that was, at the time, suffering record low sales levels.

In April 2016, Siemens acquired CD-adapco for 970 million USD. CCM” standing for “computational continuum mechanics”. Even in periods of major economic downturn, few customers cut back on annual licenses. CD-adapco has speculated that their product’s success has been partially because their application was designed from the start to simultaneously solve fluid flow and heat transfer problems.

The company says that this feature cuts geometry preparation time down from days to minutes. Garuda, the car that runs 180km per litre! Software, Siemens Product Lifecycle Management. This page was last edited on 5 October 2017, at 15:51. The pre-processor can also generate mesh data from STL files.

There is an active online community that provides support via a Yahoo! Convergent Mechanical also provides installation support for their extended version of CalculiX for Windows. CCX wizard for both Windows and Linux. The library provides Python access to building, loading, meshing, solving, and querying CalculiX results for 2D models. Pycalculix was written by Justin Black.

Examples and tutorials are available on the pycalculix site. FEM workbench which automates the creation of Calculix models. How To Install CalculiX 2. 6 multi-thread under Ubuntu 11. This page was last edited on 23 October 2017, at 01:01. Click to find out more papers by S.