Malaysia property market report 2016 pdf

PwC and the Urban Land Institute. The market outlooks included in each edition are based on an extensive survey, multiple interviews, and individual market focus groups. Readers’ interest in all markets continues to increase, so the 2018 edition provides a regionally based look at all 78 markets included in this year’malaysia property market report 2016 pdf survey. Throughout the report, we’ll explore a variety of trends we’re seeing in the industry, as well as analyze the prospects for 78 metropolitan markets for the coming year.

This year’s survey respondents have selected Seattle as the top-ranked market, up from being ranked number four last year. Seattle’s ascendancy to the top spot in some ways reflects this more measured strategy in the industry. Many may know Seattle as being home to tech giants or for having a well-educated labor force. However, our survey respondents identified Seattle as being strong across a number of factors, including demographics and liveability, cost, and technology readiness. Click on the Seattle link below to explore more about this top-ranked, 18-hour city. One of the most interesting revelations in this year’s report is how positive the outlook is for 2018. The following market summaries give readers a look at the major issues expressed by each focus group.

34 rising by a total of 17. 3 years and employ 2. Population growth is projected at 2. 2018, well above the U. 34 and this group is projected to grow by 20. The Austin market has a vibrant start-up economy, with 11. Austin having been formed in the past 3-years.

These start-ups account for 3. 5-year disposable income growth is 1. Affordable housing, housing affordability index of 139. 0, and rent requires 16. New business creation, with 11. 61,000 annual net migration, ages 15-34 up 15.

Disposable income growth is 1. Housing affordability is very strong at 173. Patents per Capita – . 87,000 new residents a year for next five years, 10. Start-up environment is high with 10.