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Poster of the movie The Little Princess. It was also her last major success as a child star. Temple also appeared in an extended ballet sequence. The film’s ending was drastically different from the book.

Miss Minchin’s School for Girls. With all the money Captain Crewe can offer, Miss Minchin gives Sara a fancy, private room. Although worried about her father, Sara is distracted by riding lessons. Miss Minchin throws Sara a lavish birthday party. Captain Crewe has died and his real estate, the basis for his wealth, has been confiscated. Miss Minchin ends Sara’s party abruptly. Without her father’s financial support, Sara becomes a servant, now working at the school she used to attend.

She also receives support from Miss Minchin’s brother, Hubert, who does not agree with her treatment. In her new role Sara gets hungrier and more tired from her arduous duties and sneaks off to Veterans Hospitals, convinced her father is not dead. Sara is at her wits end. Things start to worsen, however, when Sara gets into an argument with Miss Minchin, who cannot tolerate her faith in believing her father is still alive and tries forcing her to face reality. Miss Minchin arrives in the attic to punish Sara for “hurting” Lavinia.

She discovers blankets that Ram Dass left Sara, assumes they are stolen, and locks her in the attic, calling the police. Sara escapes and runs to the hospital with Minchin in hot pursuit. Captain Crewe, but “his papers have been lost” and no one knows who he is. Sara searches the wards unsuccessfully, but happens upon her father as she hides from Miss Minchin and the police.

Miss Minchin, who pursued Sara to the hospital, is appalled that her brother thinks Sara is innocent. A staff member announces Sara has found her father, Miss Minchin exclaims: “Captain Crewe is alive? How could she find him if he wasn’t alive? The film ends with Sara helping her father stand as the Queen departs.

This made the movie the most expensive Shirley Temple film to date. As part of the preparation for the movie, great pains were taken to make sure every aspect of it was true to 1899 and England, the time period and setting of the story. Props such as the doll had to be to the exact specifications of a doll made at that time. Clothing also had to be precise. Production was held up after it was discovered that one of the costumes Temple wore used snap fasteners that were not invented until 1908.