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Enter the terms you wish to search for. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, leadership development plan pdf the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Available for virtually all building, community and home project types, LEED provides a framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings.

LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement. LEED certified every day with more than 92,000 projects using LEED. LEED works for all building types anywhere. LEED is in over 165 countries and territories. LEED buildings save energy, water, resources, generate less waste and support human health. LEED buildings attract tenants, cost less to operate and boost employee productivity and retention. It’s designed to be flexible and improve the overall project experience.

LEED works for all buildings anywhere, regardless of where they are in their life cycle. From hospitals to data centers, from historical buildings to those still in the design phase, there’s a LEED for every type of building project. Commercial Interiors, Retail and Hospitality. Applies to new land development projects or redevelopment projects containing residential uses, nonresidential uses, or a mix.

Homes and Multifamily Lowrise and Multifamily Midrise. LEED offers several options designed for companies and organizations seeking certification for multiple buildings. Designed for LEED users looking to certify an entire portfolio of building projects. Available for several buildings on a single site. Offers options to help project owners determine the best ways to reach their goals.

GBCI offers options for government projects to meet the Guiding Principles for Federal Leadership in High Performance in Sustainable Building requirements. Projects pursuing LEED certification earn points across several categories, including energy use and air quality. Based on the number of points achieved, a project then earns one of four LEED rating levels: Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum. The process is designed to inspire project teams to seek innovative solutions that support public health and our environment, while saving building owners money over a project’s life cycle.