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This page was last edited on 15 September 2017, at 20:01. Empson took maternity leave in October 2013 and after appearing several times during her break via webcam, Kim returned to Albert Square on 30 December 2014. Kim is described as “viscous and bubbly” on the outside, but hiding vulnerability and low self-esteem. She is sharp, family-orientated and cares about her appearance, having a loud dress sense and being the life and soul of any party. She chooses the wrong men to have relationships with, but knows what she wants when it comes to love. 2009 and later said Kim is a “big, ballsy, whirlwind”, who provides some light relief to the show.

B venture, calling it a “holding pen for characters who are ‘between homes’ within Albert Square’s hermetically sealed biosphere. Chelsea, but she chooses to forgive him. She makes a repeat visit seven months later and reveals that she has broken up with Dexter, as he was unfaithful to her. The following month, Kim is told that Denise has committed suicide. Kim comes to stay with her, having once more separated from Dexter. Kim forge a bond and become friends. It becomes her sole source of income when she is fired from the beauty salon for her lax attitude to work.

Kim is initially attracted to him, but refrains from pursuing him as Denise is also interested in him. Denise and Yusef haven’t had sex yet which Masood uses to his advantage by telling Denise. Denise is at first annoyed with Kim for telling people about her private life, but they later reconcile. Kim wakes up in a skip and after initially lets Patrick and Denise believe she may have been attacked. However, Patrick find CCTV footage of a drunken Kim entering the local shop, the Minute Mart, late at night and taking alcohol.

Kim explains to Denise that her erratic behaviour is due to a former boyfriend telling her that he has contracted HIV. Denise persuades Kim to take a HIV test which comes back negative, leaving Kim relieved. B, which made the fire worse, and the insurance may not pay out. Kim is angry and says she no longer wants to live with Patrick, but Denise later convinces Kim that her material possessions are not what matters and they should be a family. After the insurance company refuse to pay for the damage, Patrick decides to retire and offers Kim and Denise the Minute Mart. She is attracted to him, and later when he sees she has been stood up, he offers to get her another drink.

However, she is disappointed to learn that he has two children, saying she is fed up of men with “baggage”. She turns her attention back to Ray after seeing him running and tells him she has started an fitness venture called “Kimba”. She enlists some people to come to the class but Ray does not come. Sinclair makes inappropriate comments about Kim’s race. Ray calls Kim easy so she slaps him, and she then slaps Sinclair for his comments. Yusef’s money, she gives it to Kim and Denise but is unhappy when they start spending it frivolously.

Kim and Ray eventually reconcile and they share a kiss, although Kim continues to play hard to get, pretending she does not like him. She also becomes jealous when she overhears him flirting with Bianca whilst helping in the kitchen. As a result, she accidentally slices off the top of Ray’s finger when he tries to help her fillet some fish. She accompanies him to the hospital where they open up to one another and decide to start a relationship. Kim is shocked and tells Ray that, although she is interested in him, she does not think she can take on his children. Denise convinces Kim that she needs to accept Sasha and arranges for Kim to look after her. It goes well and she promises to do it again.

B, Kim’s Olympic Palace, infringes copyright. B’s sign is taken down. Kim and Sasha start to bond and Kim and Ray declare their love for one another. B opens, Denise is annoyed by Kim’s apaethetic approach to running the place and quits. B by herself and they later reconcile. When playing basketball with Sasha and Morgan, Kim smashes a window in the charity shop.

Sasha takes the blame and works there, but she is unhappy, so Kim says she will organise some work experience for Sasha with a forensic scientist. Kim later admits this was a lie, leading to Ray moving out. Ray and Kim make up. Kim discovers that Ray has been looking for flats locally and she assumes that Ray is looking for somewhere for them both to live. However, she is left upset and humiliated when Ray reveals that the flat is actually for Sasha’s mother, Deanne, so that they can both be closer to Sasha. Ray affirms his love for her and they reconcile. A few months later, Ray kisses Denise, and when Kim finds out, Ray says Denise initiated it.