Kraven”s last hunt pdf

This article has multiple issues. Kraven’s last hunt pdf explanation for Calypso’s supernatural powers was the sacrifice of her younger sister. However, the webslinger managed to beat them both and Calypso was apparently killed.

Her voodoo prevented her from truly dying and Calypso returned again. Desiring revenge for losing Sergei, she used her powers to drive Spidey and Alyosha into fighting each other. Spidey and Alyosha fought off her spell, and shared a handshake. Alyosha said that he would hold Calypso at his mansion, so the villainess could tell him about his long-lost father. However, Alyosha killed Calypso instead. Calypso survived by using voodoo to enter a series of host bodies which she used to fight Spider-Man and Daredevil.