Joe pass autumn leaves tab pdf

Learn how to play essential jazz guitar licks and understand the theory behind them – Instant delivery by email. While learning licks will get those lines under your fingers, many books fall flat but stopping there with their explanation of jazz phrases. This allows you to get into the minds of legendary jazz improvisers, as well as build your own great-sounding lines in real time. How to joe pass autumn leaves tab pdf practice each lick and get the most out of your time.

How to learn each concept taken from these phrases. A solo that uses the concepts from each line. All material presented in tab, notation, and audio. Backing tracks for easy and engaging study.

Easy to follow theory for each concept. Practice guides on how to learn and apply each lick. More than enough material to keep you practicing for months. I eagerly await the next volume becoming available. Many thanks to Matt for his work in putting these together. Great, I purchased and downloaded ebook few minutes ago.