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This article is about the 2002 TV series. Jeremy clarkson books pdf television series about motor vehicles, primarily cars.

2002, and has become the most widely watched factual television programme in the world. The Stig” has been played by numerous racing drivers over the course of the series. Following the first series, Dawe was replaced by May, and the hosting line-up remained unchanged until 25 March 2015, when Clarkson was informed by the BBC that his contract would not be renewed following an incident between himself and a producer. Their pitch included conducting power laps of notable cars that were featured, such as supercars and high-performance roadsters, performing some of their car reviews at a fixed site as well as locations across Britain and abroad, the utilisation of a studio for discussions on cars and for other segments with a studio audience present, and the participation of a celebrity guest who would be interviewed on motoring matters and take part in a challenge of setting a lap time in an affordable car. The Cool Wall”, and “The News”.

While the show operated in a similar manner to the previous format during the early series, with the inclusion of reading out letters from viewers and conducting interviews, it eventually focused on humour and creating a unique presentation style for the programme, and the inclusion of races between cars or between a car and another form of transportation, challenges involving cheap, second-hand cars, unusual approaches to reviewing cars, and road trips. In addition, the “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” segment was modified with new rules along with a new car, while Hammond included one of his dogs for the series throughout its studio segments, along with a number of films made for this series and the next. BBC Two for a decade, alongside the series finale, which attracted around 8 million viewers. Clarkson and May, driving the Hilux, being the first people to reach the recorded location of the North Magnetic Pole by car. Popularity the show rose to considerable levels, that the waiting list to get a ticket for a recording was extensive, requiring an individual to wait for 21 years before securing a place. Top Gear Stunt Man”, an individual who made few, occasional appearances on the programme.