Jazz bass lines pdf

Learn how to play famous bass lines from with no experience needed. jazz bass lines pdf steps to play bass lines and riffs over any chord progression. Powered by Slider Revolution 5.

One of the coolest things about guitar is that you can play chords, create single-note lines, and walk bass lines on the same instrument. Playing multiple parts on the fretboard opens new doors in your playing and creates new gig opportunities as well. If you can walk a bassline and comp chords, you are able to play duos with singers, saxophonists, and other soloists. Besides the job prospects, it’s a cool feeling to comp and walk bass lines at the same time.

While you may want to walk bass lines, or need to for a gig, it’s tough to know where to start. Bass lines can sound highly chromatic, or they’re hard to make sense of at first. This lesson breaks bass lines down into easy to follow steps. These steps get you from day one to walking and comping over jazz standards. As well, there are backing tracks, drums and piano only, included with each exercise. Though rules were made to be broken, and you break rules over time, these steps organize your bass line practice routine. Breaking down the mystery behind bass lines in the process.