Integrated management system manual 2016 pdf

Prediction of location of transformer, fuse, recloser or breaker that opened upon failure. Prioritizing restoration efforts and managing integrated management system manual 2016 pdf based upon criteria such as locations of emergency facilities, size of outages, and duration of outages.

Providing information on extent of outages and number of customers impacted to management, media and regulators. Calculation of estimation of restoration times. Management of crews assisting in restoration. Calculation of crews required for restoration.

At the core of a modern outage management system is a detailed network model of the distribution system. By combining the locations of outage calls from customers, a rules engine is used to predict the locations of outages. For instance, since the distribution system is primarily tree-like or radial in design, all calls in particular area downstream of a fuse could be inferred to be caused by a single fuse or circuit breaker upstream of the calls. The CIS is also the source for all the customer records which are linked to the network model. It is important that every customer be linked to a device in the model so that accurate statistics are derived on each outage.