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Rescission is the unwinding of a transaction. Rescission is used throughout the law in a number of different senses. The failure to draw these crucial distinctions insurance cancellation letter pdf productive of serious confusion.

Rescission in this sense is not the focus of this article. First, where a party to a contract exercises an express right of termination, he or she is sometimes said to have exercised a right to rescind the contract. Rescission at common law is only available for fraudulent misrepresentations and duress. Courts of Equity exercised a jurisdiction to effect rescission where restoring the parties to the contract to their pre-contract positions was not possible at common law. Rescission is available in Equity’s exclusive jurisdiction in a wide range of situations. It is used as a synonym for termination at law. The US state of Virginia uses the term “cancellation” for equitable rescission.

Furthermore, a minority of common law jurisdictions, like South Africa, use the term “rescission” for what other jurisdictions call “reversing”, “overturning” or “overruling” a court judgment. Applications to rescind a judgment are usually made on the basis of error or for good cause. In Australia, the Court of Equity may grant partial relief under the contract if good conscience and practical justice is observed by the court. Rescission is typically viewed as “an extreme remedy” which is “rarely granted”. House report also highlighted 13 particular cases.

The software automatically triggered a fraud investigation on every policyholder recently diagnosed with breast cancer and searched for conditions not disclosed in the application. The MIB Group provides a “Follow-up Service” which allows for a “second chance” to underwrite based on additional, discovered information during the contestable period. The service is maintained for two years after initial underwriting and may include, among other information credit history, medical conditions, driving records, criminal activity, drug use, participation in hazardous sports, and personal or family genetic history. Consumers can request a copy of the data in their report from MIB Group. In the long-run the change may have little effect in practice given that the bill eventually will not allow underwriting based on preexisting conditions. Previously, most states required proving “intent to deceive.